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Elsevier is ROCK!

I am always want to bring the paper in to my kindle for detail reading and note, which is really convenient in kindle rather than by pan and paper, or cellphone, or laptop.


But the thing i can’t solve is, there is no a great tool for pdf to epub/mobi book. If you read pdf paper directly, your eyes will be hurt. The size is painfully small, not to mention the figures, that ruined.


So how the problem solved? Well, i really don’t expect this: You can download a paper from Elsevier/ScienceDirect into Epub/Mobi format!!!!! Now this is ROCK!!!!! I love this.



I think the new paper, i will download both PDF and Epub/Mobi version for reading. And we can note the great expression in other paper to improve my English.


Thank you Elsevier, you’ve done a great job.