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关于耳鸣 About tinnitus


Actually i had some “sign” on it at the beginning of my university life. i remembered when we take a shot which make a really loud noise during military training, i was suffered by this buzzing sound for all day long. Of course, it disappeared after that. But my classmates typically got fine after half a hour.


I did’t remember, since one day, i could hear some high frequency noise. it was only hit one ear in the early days, but it became worse – both ears. i’ve searched for some tests, the frequency i think, like, 5 to 10 KHz (click here to hear different sound in any frequency this sound come and go, it became noticeable when i laid down, especially when i wear a in-ear earbud.



Anyway, i want to know what happened, i’ve searched Chinese website, but there is no more than Chinese medicine which almost all disease can caused by same condition. Then i found some English website which is more clearer to explain this issue. So i make some translation into Chinese (my notes usually at the end of a sentence or paragraph, within the parentheses”(blah blah)”). Thanks to the original author.


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