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Finally, i had found the best time recording app for Android: aTimeLogger

It’s been a long demand that i wanted to record my time consumption in the daily life, because i have heard that if one want to import time management in his/her work/life, the first thing is time recording. But since there are not so many good tool for me, i mean, for Android phone, ok, also for me, i’m not the kinda guy that bring notes and pen every day. But i will definitely bring my cellphone with me. So blah blah blah and boom!

I found aTimeLogger – Time Tracker in Google play! This small app is so good to recording time, the demands are well analyzed and programmed. Great tool for you all to start with time management.

The last thing is, if you are using/speaking Chinese like me, you will hit unreadable characters when you open the exported records (as .csv file) in MS Excel and Matlab. Good thing is, you can just open this file in notepad (yes, that notepad in Windows), save as .csv BUT using ANSI coding. And you got it.

Update: export and email(to yourself/myself), then save to Google Drive, and open with Google Sheets, then you can using formula to do all the analysis, if it’s still not good enough for you, export to .xlsx and analyze with powerful MS Excel.

here is the app



Girlfriend said that everyone she knows has a house by now, i didn’t reply that message because i feel such a huge pressure and anxiety. And now i have no way to solve this problem. I also don’t want to argue with my gf, that can’t make any sense, we still face this issue. Unless we buy a house. I still remember once at a time, i think i can’t accept that girl if a she could marry me only if we/i have a house. You need to do something.


This place is like a secret place that nobody knows, although it is public on the Internet. It provides a way to relax and refresh myself.