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Dropbox实在是太好用了!!! Dropbox is AWESOME !!! Dropbox vs. other

地球上最好的全自动文件云同步兼具救命功能的生产力工具Dropbox, 今天又要再一次感谢你了. 之前已经救过我一命, 见该篇博文, 以前也救过好多次命, 现在还在继续救命中……

So basically i want to thank the best automatic cloud based file synchronization, productivity and life-saving tool — Dropbox, again. It saved my life few times, i mean my data, and it’s continuing saving ……

事情是这样的, 昨天到今天直接覆盖编辑了好一大段MATLAB仿真程序, 改的不成样然后结果不是很对头的时候才想起应该把之前的保留一份, 毕竟那个结果相对好些, 虽然也不完全符合理论预期. 但是面对着几十处的改动, 深深的无力感袭上心头. 这时候, 想起了我大Dropbox的历史版本特性, 狂喜, 点进去一看, 我艹, 到现在有77个版本, 都在, 打开昨天晚上的版本, 复制粘贴保存运行, 啊~~~顿时舒心了, 和昨晚一样的结果. feel so good.

The story is, yesterday i was editing a MATLAB simulation codes, and i just override it instead of copy and paste (backup) then edit. When i saw my not-so-expected results, i want my original codes back. But i have to face several dozens of modifications, oh my, it’s just like a naked girl is waiting but you just can’t getting hard. Completely tragic situation. But (a light bulb coming to me) i remembered that there is a historical revision feature in Dropbox. Clicked it, all 77 versions are right there, including last night version, runs just the same. Oh, Dropbox’s development team just behind my own heart. They know everything we need. Feel so good. Well not completely good because i’m a free user and not contribute to their revenue.

生产力工具不要用中国产的, 而且即使是Google Drive也都不比Dropbox在这方面做得好. 正好就对比下几个同类软件. 都是用过的. 由于众所周知的问题Dropbox在中国访问不大好. 所以你可以想到, 我是从中国的此类软件用起的……说出来都是血泪史…..

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