研究水平:商业公司 vs. 大学 应用研究&应用基础研究&基础研究

其实现在已经有这样的例子了,主要是大公司的研究部门和大学的对比,当然是水平可以比较的情况下,比如CMU, Stanford, 等对比Google的研究部门,记得Andrew Ng在Google做的Y2B深度学习猫的研究,调动的计算资源可能不是斯坦福具有的,而这样的有钱的公司,如果真要做某些事情,我看也可以做得到。Google Glass 2006年开始做,自动驾驶印象中也是那个时候,谁知道现在还在做什么未来10年的大技术呢。在这一点上,大学至少从经费支持上,不一定比得过。而且人家接地气呀。所以,在应用研究和应用基础研究上,大学不一定比得上大公司。

再举一个例子,最近审稿审到做LED headlamp,摩托车上用的, Read more »





bitvise services 里面 listen interface

port 1525


forward-socks5 / .

Nexus5 wifi高级设置

proxy manual /all 看连上网的那个连接的ipv4地址)

port 8118


此时,浏览器应该能够上google了,要更新play的话,需要手机上安装drony app,安装了之后




proxy type: manual

start option:allways start

proxy type:plain http

host name:










One joke a day, keeps the doctor away.







undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48′

from [1]一样的问题, 添加后解决
Hello,Recently I’ve downloaded Code::Blocks because I’d like to make projects that are open and multi platform. I want to make a very simple program that uses the C image liberary CImg.
The whole library is included in a single header called :CImg.h”. I’ve included this in the same folder as my project I wish to work on. I have also included the header file in my source code for the project.

The minimum code contained in my main.cpp file looks like this:

#include"CImg.h"usingnamespace cimg_library;int main(){constunsignedchar purple[]={255,0,255};CImg<unsignedchar>(640,400,1,3,0).draw_text(100,100,"Hello World",purple).display("My first CImg code");return0;}

Upon compiling I get the following errors:

obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp||undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48'|
obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp|| undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48'|
obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp|| undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48'|
obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp||undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48'|
obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp|| undefined reference to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48'|
obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp|| more undefined references to `SetDIBitsToDevice@48' follow|||===Build finished:6 errors,0 warnings ===|

I’m not used to really working much with external dependencies with Code::Blocks and I’ve not ventured beyond playing with SFML (which I got working following a tutorial).
I’m working on Windows 7 at the moment if that is of any help. I’m not advanced with C++ but I have an understanding of the core library. Adding dependent libraries is really a headache it seems…


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Posted 10 June 2011 – 07:58 AM

Although I don’t know CImg, undefined reference normally means you haven’t linked something properly.Meaning, either it’s not there (under more options in build options), in the wrong order or the library files is not in the places where you have specified. (MinGW compiler library folder or somewhere else on your hard drive).

Sometimes, particularly with things like Qt4 and Java, you may need to setup Environmental Variables under Advanced Properties in Computer; this is for in folders other than the MinGW library folder.

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Posted 10 June 2011 – 08:06 AM

A quick search on Google (SetDIBitsToDevice) revealed that you need to link with libgdi32.a (assuming MinGW). Under Build Options – Linker Settings – Link Libraries, add gdi32.

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Posted 10 June 2011 – 07:29 PM

‘nife87’, on 10 Jun 2011 – 10:06 PM, said:

A quick search on Google (SetDIBitsToDevice) revealed that you need to link with libgdi32.a (assuming MinGW). Under Build Options – Linker Settings – Link Libraries, add gdi32.

Thank you SO much!
Working now!

What is a general rule of thumb process when adding a new library to a project?
It seems that no two libraries share exactly the same steps…

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Posted 11 June 2011 – 07:09 PM

Rule of thumb: Include as few headers as possible, and link as few libraries as possible :wink:As mentioned, most “undefined reference to SomeFunction@XX” are linker errors (the value XX indicates how many bytes of parameters it expects), and if you do not know which library it is defined within, you will just have to search (Google is your friend) or look in the source. Chances are, you are not the first to ask this question, or it will be documentated somewhere online, as the aforementioned function were on MSDN.

When you want to use a new library, you have usually read an article/tutorial about it, so you will know what functions/classes to use, which basic headers to include and which libraries to link with. The latter is only an option when someone have been so kind as to compile them for you – otherwise this you will also have to do yourself (can be a bit tricky if you also have to guess the compiler and linker parameters).
Now, whether you have read about its usage or not, it is always a good thing to get an overview of the library’s general structure, since no two libraries are the same (as you have discovered). This will also give you an understanding of its usage and a clue as to how it works internally (can be useful when strange errors start to pop up). Just a quick look through the API Reference (Doxygen) or similar will usually do (heck, even scanning the main “include” directory reveils a lot about its structure if the headers are properly named).

[1] http://www.gamedev.net/topic/603840-codeblocks-cimg/

C++ undefined reference to WinMain@16 (Code::Blocks)




Try this: Settings->Compiler, click the tab Build options, select the checkbox

Explicitly add currently compiling file’s directory to compiler search dirs


Next time when you create a new class, in the File policy section, make sure you select checkboxes

  • Add path to project
  • Header and implementation file shall be in same folder

However, do NOT select

Use relative path

stay uncomfortable 不要在舒适区呆着

Women Techmakers Summit – Staying Uncomfortable: How I Got to Design Glass featuring Isabelle Olsson


来自Google Glass的主要设计师 Isabelle Olsson 的分享, 不要呆在自己的舒适区, 要勇于挑战并且呆在不舒适区, 才能够达成一些刚开始看起来不能完成但最终被证实非常有影响力的事情.

想起了9gag上的一个图[1]和另外一个地方的图[2], 表达了相似的含义, 共勉, 在保证身体健康情况下, 走出comfort zone, 尝试不可能

[1] http://9gag.com/gag/4578361/your-comfort-zone-vs-where-the-magic-happens

[2] http://wishesforthesoul.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/4397d05310079996d45c3e85f5af2b63.jpg

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