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Winedt 宏 完成 LaTex-bibtex-LaTex-LaTex-dvi2pdf的过程


1 macro 菜单 recorder项

2 命令行下面的recorder小窗口上面的铅笔状edit图标

3 粘贴以下代码进去,save


4 同样的小窗口,点open,应该只有这个吧,打开Recorded Macro.edt即可

5 使用方法,可以用快捷键 alt+. 或macro菜单play macro once

Elsevier is ROCK!

I am always want to bring the paper in to my kindle for detail reading and note, which is really convenient in kindle rather than by pan and paper, or cellphone, or laptop.


But the thing i can’t solve is, there is no a great tool for pdf to epub/mobi book. If you read pdf paper directly, your eyes will be hurt. The size is painfully small, not to mention the figures, that ruined.


So how the problem solved? Well, i really don’t expect this: You can download a paper from Elsevier/ScienceDirect into Epub/Mobi format!!!!! Now this is ROCK!!!!! I love this.



I think the new paper, i will download both PDF and Epub/Mobi version for reading. And we can note the great expression in other paper to improve my English.


Thank you Elsevier, you’ve done a great job.

inkscape导出EPS LaTeX矢量图




2014年2月10日13:33:35 update


这个方法原来是矢量的物体都是矢量没问题了,但是原来不是矢量的物体比如bmp图,就会收到压缩,pdf里面看不出来原来的像素值是多少,所以又下载了ai cs5,cs6导出eps好像有点问题,所以,我就用这个版本吧,ai导出的eps用gsview来看,会弹出错误,但是winedt里面的编译没问题,pdf也可以正常看,就不理他了。有问题后面再说吧。



在菜单栏选Options -> Execution Modes ->PDF Viewer ->点击右侧的“Browse”按钮,在弹出窗口中选择SumatraPDF程序的路径


1. 在options菜单下点options…,

2. 在advanced configuration…下Event Handlers…下点Exit,                                                            在End;前添加一行
RegDeleteValue(‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’, ‘Software\WinEdt 8′, ‘Inst’);

3.保存后在Exit点鼠标右键Execute Script即可

原理: 每次退出WinEdt时自动删除注册表中相关信息,试用期30天永不过期.


RegDeleteValue(‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’, ‘Software\WinEdt 8’, ‘Inst’);


没有嵌入bmp的或者嵌入的不需要看的很清楚的bmp,用inkscape 64,绘图后导出eps,latex用


然后就算是ai,导出eps也有讲究,为了和gsview的最佳兼容性,最好把导出设置的 预览 格式 选择为 无(否则gsview会弹出错误看不了),勾选嵌入字体(否则正体会变斜体,做图像的你们是要闹哪样啊),链接,缩览图,RGB勾选(这几个没有仔细测试是否影响gsview兼容)


\caption{example caption. }




Finally, i had found the best time recording app for Android: aTimeLogger

It’s been a long demand that i wanted to record my time consumption in the daily life, because i have heard that if one want to import time management in his/her work/life, the first thing is time recording. But since there are not so many good tool for me, i mean, for Android phone, ok, also for me, i’m not the kinda guy that bring notes and pen every day. But i will definitely bring my cellphone with me. So blah blah blah and boom!

I found aTimeLogger – Time Tracker in Google play! This small app is so good to recording time, the demands are well analyzed and programmed. Great tool for you all to start with time management.

The last thing is, if you are using/speaking Chinese like me, you will hit unreadable characters when you open the exported records (as .csv file) in MS Excel and Matlab. Good thing is, you can just open this file in notepad (yes, that notepad in Windows), save as .csv BUT using ANSI coding. And you got it.

Update: export and email(to yourself/myself), then save to Google Drive, and open with Google Sheets, then you can using formula to do all the analysis, if it’s still not good enough for you, export to .xlsx and analyze with powerful MS Excel.

here is the app

Dropbox实在是太好用了!!! Dropbox is AWESOME !!! Dropbox vs. other

地球上最好的全自动文件云同步兼具救命功能的生产力工具Dropbox, 今天又要再一次感谢你了. 之前已经救过我一命, 见该篇博文, 以前也救过好多次命, 现在还在继续救命中……

So basically i want to thank the best automatic cloud based file synchronization, productivity and life-saving tool — Dropbox, again. It saved my life few times, i mean my data, and it’s continuing saving ……

事情是这样的, 昨天到今天直接覆盖编辑了好一大段MATLAB仿真程序, 改的不成样然后结果不是很对头的时候才想起应该把之前的保留一份, 毕竟那个结果相对好些, 虽然也不完全符合理论预期. 但是面对着几十处的改动, 深深的无力感袭上心头. 这时候, 想起了我大Dropbox的历史版本特性, 狂喜, 点进去一看, 我艹, 到现在有77个版本, 都在, 打开昨天晚上的版本, 复制粘贴保存运行, 啊~~~顿时舒心了, 和昨晚一样的结果. feel so good.

The story is, yesterday i was editing a MATLAB simulation codes, and i just override it instead of copy and paste (backup) then edit. When i saw my not-so-expected results, i want my original codes back. But i have to face several dozens of modifications, oh my, it’s just like a naked girl is waiting but you just can’t getting hard. Completely tragic situation. But (a light bulb coming to me) i remembered that there is a historical revision feature in Dropbox. Clicked it, all 77 versions are right there, including last night version, runs just the same. Oh, Dropbox’s development team just behind my own heart. They know everything we need. Feel so good. Well not completely good because i’m a free user and not contribute to their revenue.

生产力工具不要用中国产的, 而且即使是Google Drive也都不比Dropbox在这方面做得好. 正好就对比下几个同类软件. 都是用过的. 由于众所周知的问题Dropbox在中国访问不大好. 所以你可以想到, 我是从中国的此类软件用起的……说出来都是血泪史…..

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ocz ssd sucks

OCZ Agility 4 AGT4-25SAT3-256G 256GB Internal Solid State Drive – 2.5″ Form Factor, SATA III, 6Gbps, TRIM, Ndurance 2.0 Technology Oh! Here is the bad news. This thing crashed today,  only works for 8 months . End with a  blue screen and a message: Error 2100: HDD0 (hard disk drive) initialization error (1) But, because at the beginning of my way I’ve been told that this brand its not as good as Samsung and Intel, so I only put my temporary file on the system drive and all of my data, my most important data is synchronize with Dropbox or I put it in my HDD. so I learned my lesson not putting my important data in a non-reliable way. Send from my phone.


RMA to OCZ, July 23, 2013 via UPS

———-final updated———

OCZ RMA department

Received Date: 2013-07-31
Replaced Date: 2013-08-02

can not track when did the replacement SSD was sent

Delivered Date: August 9, 2013, 3:33 pm


With it can work, though i already change to SUMSANG 840 Pro.

Actually, if i just wait for this replacement, my work will be interrupt for ~20 days, worth more than 1000 dollars.




移轴摄影 tilt shift photography

with this link, you can get LOTS of tilt shift photos, awesome!….0…1c.1j4.19.img.Eb8EvW-Ba58

here are some snapshots of this great photos, click the image to view in full resolution.

full resolution for every snapshot about 11xx * 6xxx, file size 6.x MB, so please wait for just 5 seconds.

if you are a Chrome user, it can display as long as it is loading. 😀


卓越公司三法则 Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great

哈佛商业评论2013年第4期的封面文章 Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great 《卓越公司三法则》。 用统计学对上千家公司进行研究,找出几百家长期突出的公司。发现公司战略始终符合以下三法则:
  1. BETTER BEFORE CHEAPER (it’s best to compete on differentiators other than price), 品质优先于价格
  2. REVENUE BEFORE COST (prioritize increasing revenue over reducing costs), 收入先于成本
  3. THERE ARE NO OTHER RULES (change anything you must to follow the first two), 没有其他法则